Dec 1, 2009

Who Knows

OK, so the Online Extravaganza sale is now over ... I had to change back to a different format.  I have no idea why the numbers aren't all view-able with this template.  I could only see 'em with the really boring template.  I couldn't stand it anymore.  Had to change!

So now I have to ask a favour.  I have about a bazillion (maybe more) cards that need to be posted for your viewing pleasure.  But the camera doesn't want to take the pictures.  Well, it may also be called procrastination.  Maybe.  Probably.  Anyway, feel free to let me know that it's time to just make it happen.  This is silly.  I have done the work - now I just need to enjoy!!!!

I am Stamp Camp-ing tomorrow and Thursday ..... and will (do you hear me?  I WILL!!!!!!!) take pictures and post 'em after that. 

Thanks for listening.  Clearly, you rock!

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