Apr 14, 2009

Oh Deer!

This technique is so much fun! It looks really complicated, but truly isn't. Start with your black StayzOn ink and stamp the shadow images on white paper (really - it's white!). Next, punch out a 1-1/4" circle from a Post-It note and place it where you want the moon. Next, use your brayer with mellow moss ink and get that background covered! Dark as you want. After you're done, pick up the circle of paper. Bright white! Use the negative from the circle punch (where the circle was cut out) and place that over the moon. Now sponge in some so saffron to turn the moon yellow. Remember that white space is important. The whole moon shouldn't be yellow! Finally, sponge in always artichoke around the edges. This adds the depth to make the card really stand out in real life. Have fun and happy stampin'!

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