Apr 15, 2009


What a day! I think that's a HUGE understatement, by the way. I was greeted by 2 smiling children at 7:30-ish this morning. Their mom is in the hospital and dad is working, so several folks at church are helping out for the 10 (ish) days an extra hand is needed. Today was my day .... only I got all 3 'cuz the oldest was sent home with pink eye. Wheeeeee!

Turns out she didn't have it, but I think the youngest did. We have bathed extensively, along with washing towels etc. Quite exciting! So we had a six-year-old, two 4s, a two, and the youngest's first birthday is tomorrow! Wheeeeee! I know that my grandma had 5 kids. I have no idea how she survived! We had a great time and the kids all played nicely together. But holy cow! I didn't do anything other than survive. No cleaning, no prep of anything, no taking care of me. Wow. Two kids are easy - I won't be complaining any more!

If you can believe it, I have not yet stamped today (duh!). I do, however, have a spiffy sample from another day. The basketball card is a penny slider card. Love those! My kids love making the ball go into the basket (or was that me?!). The set is Just Basketball, and the colors are Basic Black, Basic Gray, Baja Blue, and white. Have fun Gettin' Inky!

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