May 5, 2009


Mom's friend Mary is in the middle of some really scary and invasive breast cancer stuff. Just had her lungs drained for the second time in as many weeks. She is an amazing quilter and teacher, and a friend to many of mom's friends. This is the part of life that gets really scary. Well, maybe more scary for the survivors. She knows where she's headed!

The amazing part is that a group of ladies have organized a trip to be with Mary and have some girl hang-out time for one last week. It's darn bitter-sweet. They are so excited to be in the presence of this wonderful talent, but Mary's future seems to be dangling from threads.

Please join me with prayers for a great Mother's Day for the whole crowd - and may it be a wonderful, lasting memory for all who are joining in this special trip.

Thanks, and blessings to you all! ~Tricia

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