Jun 22, 2009

Little Kid

So today was a little different than normal. We rescued a goat. Yes, that's a tad odd to read, I would imagine. But he was a little one and was walking along the wrong side of the fence on FM3405 (busy road). I had to stop. There really wasn't a choice. Kind of like mom stopping for dogs when we were little. No option available.

Have you ever tried to catch a baby goat? It's interesting. They don't want to be caught (at least this one didn't). But a TxDOT guy stopped and watched while I went to tell the rancher. Then Mr. TxDOT left and the goat went down a little shelf-thing and got wedged between that, the fence, a small tree, and some brambles. I got a towel from the back of the car and covered him with it. Seems that when he tried to escape from his home, his ear was severed. Yucky looking. No ear. Lots of dried blood. By the looks of it, it happened a couple days ago. Still icky, though.

So he sat on my lap and we drove to the rancher's place around the corner (have you ever tried to drive with a scared goat on your lap?!?!?).

Not his goat. Figures. We put him in the pen anyway and one of the mommas befriended him. Of course, one of the billys head-butted him. Meanie head. The farmer let Ryan and Kristen feed the whole mess of goats, which was way exciting. Not nearly as sweet as the ones in a petting zoo! The big ones continually biffed the others out of the way, and I am surprised that none of the fence collapsed while we were standing there. Pretty entertaining!

That was our excitement for the day. What did you do?!?!?!

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