Jun 26, 2009

Spiffy Stationery Box

I found a link to Jackie Topa's Stationery Box (HERE) and just couldn't contain myself (pun intended). I had to make it. It's not my fault. Instead of her cute tags that she added in one of the holders, I was forced to use chocolate. Can you blame me? This stuff fits soooooo easily!

Since it's relatively tough to tell what the box is really like when it's closed, I was compelled to take an open shot, too. Now you can see the chocolate. Don't drool on your keyboard!!!

I made four cards and four notecards to go inside. The little thingy on the bottom is for notes - gotta have a spot to jot down important stuff that comes to mind while the chocolate is still fresh! I used part of a Simply Scrappin' kit to make this project - the retiring Sunshine Garden from page 164, to be specific. The awesome part is that even if you are not a scrapbooker, these kits can be easily adapted to cards and other projects. The stickers are really hefty and fun to use (and won't fall apart in your hands or stick to themselves before you're ready to use 'em!).

If you are a scrapping queen, undoubtedly you have extra things like these living in your crafting space. Now you have a great use for all the extras - a form of recycling. Ain't life grand?!

May you have joyous time Gettin' Inky today!

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