Jun 5, 2009

New In Colors

I love love LOVE the new In Colors!!! Wanna see? Here ya go:

Is that cool and exciting or what?! Follow THIS LINK to Dawn Olchefske's blog and you can see a comparison of the new colors with what's already in your collection. AND, as if that weren't enough excitement for one day, I am hoping to have pictures of the new ribbons with polka dots. They are SOOOOOOOO cool! I will update once I have permission to use that photo.

In the world of annoyances, my sneak peak order still has not shipped. I am going crazy. Even more so than usual. (quit laughing) AND, my pre-sneak-peak order has not yet arrived. Double ack! That means that we won't be using window sheets for Fancy-Schmancy next week. They will arrive sometime during camp. Ain't that the way it works?!

I have a couple pictures to edit so I can share 'em with you. Time to get busy. Actually, time to go get inky!!!!!!!!

Happy day to all!

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