Oct 26, 2009

It's NOT My Fault!!!

Stampin' Up! came up with the whole Deal of the Week thing - they didn't even ASK me if I thought it would be a good idea.  Imagine!

So I have been looking at the cute little Princess and Pirate Party thingies ever since the catalog came out in July.  We have birthdays in January and February, so I wasn't in a rush.  Now Stampin' Up! decided that those very items need to go on sale.  I HAVE to get 'em ..... there really isn't a discussion.  Don't you agree?!?!?!?!

So here's what they look like:

Are those too cute for words or what?!  It seems the pictures don't want to enlarge when you click 'em, so go HERE, click on your favorite, and then hit the little (almost hidden at the bottom left of the image) "More Images" thingy and have fun.  Cool, huh?!  

Yes, because you're shopping at my Stampin' Up! business website, you get the "Preferred" pricing (which, conveniently, is the same as in the big catalog).  To get that price, you just have to say that you are ordering from me and it's OK for me to know that.  If you wish to remain incognito, that's fine, too.  So you know, the profit from all the folks who want to remain anonymous goes into a giant pool (not the liquid kind).  At the end of each month (or quarter, depending upon how much $$$ is actually there), that money is split between ALL active demonstrators who have websites.  Amazing, huh?  Typically, I make four to six cents a month on those sales.  Takin' it to the bank!!!!!!!! 

OK, I am all better now.  It rained all day and I am kind of wiggly.  Time to run away from the computer and finish my last project for Stamp Camp.  It's not 'til Wednesday .... plenty of time(?!?!?!?!?).  Happy inking to all and to all a good night...........

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