Oct 19, 2009

I'm Back .....

I know, you have missed me (thanks, Annette!).

I have been playing with My Digital Studio (MDS). Actually, it's way more fun than I ever thought! I made a scrapbook of our travels to the zoo (a very frequent trip with munchkins), and I made a card. I know, I can't imagine that I will actually mas produce any cards digitally, but there are folks who think this whole create-it-with-paper-and-ink idea is silly. Can you even imagine?!

Anyway, here's my digitally produced card:

I have lots more to learn using the program, but it's a ball to play with! I keep trying to create a scrapbook using the traditional method, but have not been successful completing anything. But I have an actual book that will arrive at my house in the next few days that should be darn spiffy - come on over and I'll show ya!

It's a beautiful day here in central Texas .... time to go enjoy it!

I'll be back later with more inky-ness!


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