Oct 29, 2009

Stampers Rock

I know - as if you didn't already know that!

Stamp Camp was last night and this morning, and I had an absolute blast!  If you were one of the fleet who graced my home with your presence - thank you!!!  You always make me smile, laugh, and have a great time.  What a great way to pick up your spirits!

In the entertaining news department, y'all know how angelic my little humanoids are........  Well, Little Miss Redhead had been scarfing those little mint patties all afternoon.  So when I was on the phone and she ran the other direction when I told her to hand it over, I really wasn't majorly concerned.

Until I discovered what was ACTUALLY in her sweet little hands.  Shimmer paint.  Yep, she wanted to see what was in the little container, so she very sneakily opened the top, stuck her dainty little flanges in there, and wound up with a mess of platinum on her hands!

So .... we have learned that it doesn't stay on black jeans nearly as permanently as I had feared.  And it comes off little fingers pretty quickly (damp dishrag).  AND, most importantly, she was actually quiet and listened as we discussed how to handle a similar situation in the future (as in TELL mommy so we can get it fixed BEFORE the mess gets too big and mommy explodes and duct tapes you to the ceiling!). 

We'll see if that last part actually happens .... don't hold your breath. But it sounds good, doncha think?!

I hope your day was full of less mess ..... but the fun factor may have out-weighed the whole trauma part ...... interesting how life sort of evens itself out, huh?!

Happy inking!!!!!

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