Jul 26, 2009

Have Your Cake and Eat it Too!

This was such a yummy (pun intended!) card to create. The glitter on the frosting adds a wonderful touch, as does the Crystal Effects on the cherry. That one is hard to see in this photo, but trust me, it's there! The kids have done a very thorough inspection to be sure that it's raised. Many discussions on that topic!

I actually liked it a tad better using giant circles of White Gel Pen in the corners. But it seems that I have already given those away. Oops. I used one of the guides from the Mat Pack and plopped it in the corner. Colored in the big ol' circles with my trusty gel pen. I believe it was Sue that did the big dots first (you rock, by the way!). It's so much fun to have an idea of how to complete the project and then have everyone in attendance tweak it just a tad to make it their own. I love stamping!!!

The stamp set I used is new to me - On a Pedestal. Pretty fun to play with! The images are meant to stack on each other in all sorts of funky ways. You can add words to the cake and make it tall - or insanely tall, if you're so inclined! You can also ink up only the bottom and stem of the cake plate, turn the cake upside down, and now you have a festive drink glass (sangria, margarita, Shirley Temple,.....). Or you could turn the cake the other way and have a lamp. How awesome to have so many fun options with this one stamp set!

I am doing some playing and creating and having fun (along with the chasing of the urchins). Some changes are in the works for my world o' stamping. It seems that there are only 24 hours in the day (drat!) and they're already spoken for! I have a plan, but it's being tweaked right now. No traumas yet, I promise!

Have a wonderful week, and know that I look forward to Gettin' Inky with you soon!


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