Jul 30, 2009


OK, so pardon my shouting, but it's actually raining here!!!! To those of you out east (or just about anywhere else), this is truly a non-issue. But it has been over a month since we have seen just a few drops, and we're now at 30 minutes of gentle rainfall with a little thunder in the background. WHEEEEEEE!!!!!!

To give you a little perspective, during a normal-ish summer, we mow every 2-3 weeks. (remember, we're in the country and don't have to keep the lawn at 3 inches). This summer, we have mowed only once. Everything is dead. No need to chop anything down. And now it's raining!!!!!!!! God is good!!!!!!!

Now I have an awesome excuse to go hole up in the craft room. Double Wheeeeeeeee!!!!!

May you have an inky day,


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