Jul 11, 2009

More Printed Window Sheets

I'm tellin' ya - I love these things! Each one I have made has had some tweaking - like the painted flower from the Pretties Kit. Just grabbed the Aqua Painter and dabbed some Old Olive ink on it. Let it dry, attach with a Glue Dot, and all is well with the world. As a side note, I really like the close-up of the flower, but don't know why the card decided to be soooo much smaller. They're supposed to be the same size! (still a learning curve, it seems!)

To hide the adhesive, I make sure to put an accessory of some sort above the tape. In this case, I made a line of SNAIL on the window sheet under the Celery Grosgrain Ribbon. Then there's a glue dot under the big flower. That's plenty to hold the plastic on the card.

As far as "normal life" is concerned, we went out to dinner last night, and Ryan decided to get a fever. All was well until we sat down at the restaurant. He was REALLY upset by the air conditioning. He cried and told us that since we're in Texas, everyone is used to the heat (104 yesterday). He thought they should just turn the air off. Now that's realistic! So I felt his forehead - hot hot hot. We got home and took his temperature - 101. He went to sleep about 30 minutes later.

He seems OK today, but still a tad on the fragile side. Poor little guy! At least he's not lobbying for turning the AC off in the house ......

Hope you're having a great weekend!


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