Jul 6, 2009

Lost Marbles

No, not mine. But thanks for asking! :-)

It seems that the kids "needed"to borrow the marbles from the craft room, but "forgot" to put 'em back. Imagine! So Ryan allowed me to use some of his marbles, but I was given strict instructions. No gluing 'em to the paper, I couldn't change the color, basically I was only allowed to look at them. He can be so helpful.

So when I put the marbles in an empty stamp set box and added a drop of re-inker, I thought he was gonna lose it. All turned out well in the end - he even has all his marbles back. That's more than I can say for myself. LOL

Anyway, here's the marbled background technique sample:

I used two separate boxes to make this happen - Tangerine Tango (now retired) and Summer Sun. Tape the white piece of paper on the lid (Dotto works perfectly!). Now turn the stamp box upside down and wiggle. Do this as long as you like. It's fun, and could be considered exercise (as long as you put the chocolate down first!).

Once you have the coverage you like, remove from the first and do the same thing with the second. Ryan actually helped make this background. He had a blast (and finally forgave me for using the re-inkers).

The stamp set I used for this card was Flight of the Butterfly. I am sooooo excited that there is a punch for the big butterflies in this set in the now current catalog!!!!!! Mine has been ordered and I am patiently (???) waiting for Mr. UPS to knock on my door. He's not here yet. Bummer......

Happy Monday and welcome back to the work week. Our last week was interesting, but I am not in the mood to talk about car repairs yet. We still don't have a working vehicle (we used to have two), but are hoping that is fixed by at least mid-week. Yes, mid-week. AAAAAARRRRRRRRGGGGGGGHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!

May your day be filled with ink and paper and happiness .... and chocolate!

Have fun Gettin' Inky,


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